Winemaking at Lusu Cellars

My winemaking philosophy is simple—nature is always driving the evolution of a wine. I encourage the positive natural tendencies of the grapes, introducing as little as possible to get in the way of their expression in order to create wines that have a clear tie to their origins. My growers spend a lot of time looking after these grapes and I want their work to be showcased.

Sourcing from older vineyards that are dry farmed and sustainably grown, we look to craft wines from heritage California and Rhone varietals. Every bin from each vineyard and year is a different entity with a different need. There is no regimented formula to my winemaking. I taste and listen to each element of the process and determine what to do then and there. I use indigenous yeasts on the grapes from each vineyard whenever possible. During fermentation, 1-4 punch downs are done by hand on every bin each day. Older barrels allow for mild aging, while never overshadowing the inherent qualities of the grape.  Secondary fermentation is allowed to occur from native organisms found on the grapes and in our barrels. I listen to what a wine is telling me so that interventions can be done as gently as possible with no need for filtering, fining, or other additions. 

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